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Whats in it?

Just look at the ingredients of any spice bottle you will discover that there are things that simply should not be there. MSG, over-salting, sugars, fillers, expanders, corn starch, GMO's everything else they use to make the bottle unhealthier, heavier and cheaper.


Want more proof? CLICK HERE

 "almost 90 per cent of them contained at least one bulking agent, with a median level of adulteration of 50 per cent." Seriously? Is this what we feed ourselves and our family? Now that you know you this, you owe it yourself to use our spice blends.

We source all our spices/herbs in their singular form and deal with local certified suppliers. Short of us growing our own herbs, we prefer to buy fresh and then dehydrate in house in order to obtain the highest quality control.

All the hard work is taken care of and when you use our spice blends, you will only get the best quality - from our kitchen to yours.

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Our Story

What does 'Gyaldem Kitchen' mean?

In Jamaican Patois 'Gyaldem' means 1 or more girls. When I first started my TikTok and YouTube videos I called it the 'Gyaldem Kitchen' as it was me (the Gyaldem) cooking in the kitchen.

I grew up in Spanish Town Jamaica & learned how to cook trusted traditional Jamaican recipes from the matriarchs of my family.

Using only  locally grown organic vegetables, organic meats & with handed down family recipes,  our home was always bursting with amazing scents of spices and aromas! Our spice blends scream authenticity, flavour and quality because of the traditional methods all of our ancestors used when cooking.


Our spice blends are totally interchangeable to create a whole new flavour.

Meat meat with Lemon Pepper, Oxtail and Jerk, Sicilian and Cajun or Piri Piri with Jamaican Curry!



 Once considered a poor man's food, it is now one of the most expensive.  I cook it long and slow with fresh seasonings and my Oxtail Seasoning in either in a slow cooker or a pressure cooker. You will be amazed on how the meat falls off the bone and how delicious it tastes!

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Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish – Jamaica's national dish and is the quintessential Jamaican Breakfast made with ackee, salt -fish, onions, red pepper, tomatoes, infused with garlic, thyme, and hearty spices creating a tastebud celebration.


This is how it all started. The Gyaldem Kitchen Jamaican Jerk Spice. Mouthwatering, spicy, fragrant and delicious.

  • Gyaldem Kitchen Jerk Spice

  • Olive Oil

  • Limes Juice

  • Soy Sauce

  • Ketchup

  • Salt & Pepper

Wash chicken thoroughly then with a sharp knife, carefully make slashes in the chicken so the spices can absorb. Mix the spice ingredients in a bowl and then coat the chicken thoroughly in the mixture. Get a large ziplock bag and pour the chicken and jerk spice mix in the bag. Place in fridge for at LEAST 24 hours. You can BBQ, Smoke or oven bake the chicken - just make sure to baste with Red Stripe Jamaican Beer. Serve hot!




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